Kyle finally has more to do than moan this week - although in a way, he's still just moaning. 

I didn’t see a light. Did you? Mine was cold and dark and nothing. And we both came back to this. Somehow it feels more empty here.

Goodness, it's nice having Madison back, isn't it? I just loved her voiceover about feeling dead inside - even more dead than most of the global generation, who were born dead inside.

Although this week we're reminded of how lively and charming Kyle was before he became mostly dead and rather alarming. The opening scene in the tattoo parlor made a great set-up for when Kyle later discovers his frat brothers' tattoos on his body. Even though Miss Robichaux's is now home to two undead teens, I wasn't quite prepared for what that would mean: an undead threesome! I am very much in favor of this development. Zoe no longer has to fear her treacherous vagina, because how can she kill the undead? But this development does bring to mind a question that's been bugging me: why is Madison in such better shape than Kyle? She was dead much longer. Is it just because she's a witch instead of a frat boy and therefore shows more mental fortitude?

It appears that Cordelia's now ready to wage an all-out war on Fiona after discovering that she murdered Madison, and she's going to protect Zoe ("one hot shit witch") at all costs. Meanwhile, Fiona seems to be regretting her antagonistic relationship with her daughter - in between her rocking orgasms with Axe Man, that is, who's apparently been in love with her since she was a little girl and he was an overprotective ghost. I haven't the first idea how this relationship can proceed, but somehow I'm finding the romance between a witch who kills her colleagues without hesitation and a decades-dead serial killer rather...sweet?

But the most important storyline this week was Queenie's, as she surrenders Madame LaLaurie to Marie Laveau in order to join the voodoo coven. "Voodoo doll belong in the house of voodoo" - and how did I never make that connection? Although I don't agree that the students of Miss Robichaux's don't care about Queenie because she's black - in fact just last week Zoe made it clear that she does care about Queenie, and wants to watch out for her - I certainly can't blame Queenie for delivering Delphine to her doom after hearing the story of how she treated her slave. Kathy Bates may act like a sweet little kitten in a tiger sweatshirt scarfing down fast food now, but she spent decades murdering and torturing slaves for sport, and Queenie is under no obligation to befriend her just because Delphine hasn't used the n-word in a couple of weeks. I love Kathy Bates and I'm delighted to see her finally get a real arc, but fuck Delphine LaLaurie. She can go straight to hell. 

And that's where Marie Laveau intends to send her. I've said it before, but Angela Bassett is such a force on this show. I love Zoe and the girls, and Cordelia gets cooler with each passing week, but I am fully ensconced in Team Laveau. That bitch is bad.

Last thoughts: 

Cordelia's useless husband seems a mite less useless when he's sitting on the ground surrounded by a motherloving arsenal. 

Spalding's tongue has been replaced, and now he's even more fascinating than a tongueless Spalding. Denis O'Hare is giving such a deliciously weird performance this season. 

An entire episode without Nan or Misty? They'd better be the belles of the ball next week. 

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