GIRLS Season 3 Trailer Is Cozy And Familiar

Welcome back, girls.

It's really liberating to say no to shit you hate.

Dammit, I've missed these dames. The Season Three trailer has plenty of intriguing plot points to dissect if that's your bag: Hannah and Adam are still together, Hannah has a new desk job and has made up with Elijah, Jessa's back and learning to process the fact that she's kind of an asshole, Shosh is living the free-wheeling single life while Ray is trying to follow the protocol of a gentleman and a squire. And Marnie is OKAY, you guys. She's okay.

But more importantly, the trailer just feels right. It's a series of great lines and images and a tone like nothing else. It's Girls, and I've missed Girls. The show returns January 12, and I will be there.