Watch Jacob Gentry’s Beautiful Two-Part Short For Broken Bells’ AFTER THE DISCO

Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin are two crazy kids who just can't make it work in this whimsical science fiction odyssey.

Jacob Gentry - director of The SignalMy Super Psycho Sweet 16 trilogy and winner of this year's Fantastic Fest bumper contest - directed a two-part short film in conjunction with POPfilms and inspired by the music of After the Disco, the latest album from the Danger Mouse and James Mercer collaboration Broken Bells.

Both parts make up a lovely, curious sci-fi film following Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin in their impossible journey to be together against the bending whims of reality. Gentry said of the collaboration: 

Broken Bells' music is very cinematic.  Like soundtracks for movies that don't exist. So our collaboration is one of reverse engineering. To make the movie to accompany the soundtrack.

See the first part of the short, Angel and the Fool, above, and watch Part Two: Holding on for Life, below.