WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE Trailer: Funny Jean Claude Van Damme Is Funny

He can kick your ass or make you laugh it off. Your choice.

2013 graced us with such memorable philosophical movie lines as "You owe me a life," "Take a knee," and "You hit like a vegetarian." I believe 2014 might already be owned by "Welcome to Big Mama Nature's house."

In all honesty, Welcome to the Jungle does not look great. Except for the scenes involving Jean Claude Van Damme. Those look fucking incredible. I kind of have a bad feeling that he gets offed earlier in the film than this trailer wants us to believe. But we'll see when the film comes out this February. Or I'll see and tell you about it.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a mostly VOD release, so many of us won't have the chance to watch it theatrically. Still, I hope it's a big hit (whatever a big hit looks like on VOD) and we get more JCVD comedies. Judging by this trailer alone, he's way better at it than Stallone. That was a rhyme.