Baz Luhrmann A Possible Director For Stanley Kubrick’s NAPOLEON HBO Miniseries

Heaven Kubrick was a big AUSTRALIA fan.

Of all the films that never made it into production, Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon remains one of the most famous. Though he claimed it would be the greatest movie ever made, the director was never able to find funding for the film, which he began developing shortly after the emperor's defeat at Waterloo almost two hundred years ago.

Kubrick's ghost was pleased at news earlier this year that Steven Spielberg planned to turn his Napoleon script into an HBO miniseries. Today, Kubrick's ghost should be even happier to learn that Baz Luhrmann is being eyed to direct this miniseries.

This isn't a done deal, however. But should Luhrmann take the job, he will be leading what Deadline describes as "the highest-profile miniseries at that payweb." I think "payweb" means HBO?

This is a great fit, as Luhrmann has been claimed by many as "his generation's Stanley Kubrick. There. I read your stupid card, now give me that twenty bucks." More on this as it develops.