Warner Bros Hopes Paul Greengrass Will Take THE STAND

The director is at the top of the studio's wish list.

With Scott Cooper the latest director to fall off the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, Warner Bros is back at square one with the project. When Cooper left it became clear that even simple things - like how many movies this would be, and what the rating would be - hadn't been decided. But the studio continues on and the next filmmaker they're hoping to snare is Paul Greengrass.

He's at the top of their wishlist, sources tell me, and he's a weird and intriguing choice. On the one hand, he could do incredible stuff with the collapse of society as the superflu Captain Trips rips through humanity. On the other hand there's all this magic and psychic stuff, and the intervention of God, which feels outside of his wheelhouse. At the same time that makes it exciting - what would Paul Greengrass do with a supernatural character like The Walking Dude?

Take this as only a snapshot of what Warner Bros is thinking behind the scenes right now. I don't even know if there's been much of a formal overture to the filmmaker, just that he's the guy who's at the top of their wish list. They're not letting The Stand die, and they're committing to doing it with a quality filmmaker at the helm... for now. How many directors have to fall off before they end up going to some middle-of-the-road schmuck who will just get the thing done on time and on budget?