It's the annual Badass Digest Thanksgiving tradition, come around again. 

Two years ago we started a tradition here at Badass Digest - an annual rewatch of Attack the Block on Thanksgiving. I'd like to invite you to join us again this year as we go back and battle aliens with Moses and friends. 

Maybe you think Attack the  Block is a weird Thanksgiving movie. It is! That's part of what I like about it. But Attack the Block is a movie that speaks to me about family and life in ways that few other films do. I've never been a big family holiday person, so I love the way Attack the Block celebrates the idea of your friends as your family. You can't choose the people who to whom you're related, but you can choose the people who surround you every day - especially today. By the end of Attack the Block those characters are all real family, connected on a fundamental level. And they're all connected to where they're from; Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating early American colonization, but it should be a day where we're happy to be where we are. I'm happy to be where I am.

Attack the Block is also an awesome movie. It's funny and fun, and it has real weight to it. It's not fluff, but it's also not a grim slog. Joe Cornish made a movie that works on a perfect tonal level. 

So at some point today pop in Attack the Block. Maybe show it to a cousin who is just a little too young for it, but whose mind will be blown forever. Most of us had the older brother or uncle or cousin who showed us movies we maybe shouldn't have seen - continue that tradition! And take down a coupe of those big gorilla-wolf-motherfuckers while you're at it.