Christoph Waltz Might Be A Pirate Of The Caribbean

An actor everyone loves, possibly combined with a movie no one wants.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales just won itself some wiggle room by exiting the Summer 2015 bloodbath for calmer Summer 2016 waters. Now the film might have some more good news in store: Christoph Waltz is eyeballing the villainous role of Captain Brand, some kind of angry ghost. These films have gone on so long now that their nautical legends have finally hit a point where I have no familiarity with them at all. Pretty soon, only actual pirates will know what these movies are talking about.

Waltz hasn't signed on yet, so this is not at all certain. He's a fun actor to watch, but so is Ian McShane, and he wasn't able to lend watchability to his entry (and I'm living proof, since I've yet to see it). Still, I'd be pretty eager to see Waltz in goofy pirate form, in the trailers at least.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Tales Tell No Men will supposedly be all about Jack Sparrow's search for a trident he can only find with information held by Mick Jagger Pirate or whoever. Johnny Depp believes it will be his best film yet.