Deathwatch 2015: THE BOURNE OBLIGATION To Open In August

I hope he has enough chems to stave off a crowded summer slate.

We got another sequel moving into 2015, and this time it's the fifth Bourne film, the second starring Jeremy Renner. The Bourne Obligation, as I like to call it (it's yet untitled) will go up against the next Smurfs movie on August 14th. It's another seat-warmer, with Universal patiently waiting for Matt Damon to return. 

The good news? Justin Lin is directing, so it should at least look good and have strong action. The Bourne Legacy is a weird, not very good movie that is structured in a way that feels like the third act got chopped off; here's hoping there's actually a story about Aaron Cross to tell this time and not just a big bit of wheel spinning. Actually, will they eventually get Cross' name into the title? The Bourne Crossing maybe? The Bourne Double Cross... The Bourne Hot Cross Buns... Stations of the Bourne Cross...