NBC Prepares To Unleash A WOLFMAN

Don't worry. He's housebroken.

NBC, home of horror shows I've never seen like Grimm and Dracula and their sister show Grimmacula, will create another horror show I've never seen with The Wolfman, produced by Dracula executive producer Daniel Knauf.

The show will apparently stick with the Lawrence Talbot character, and, according to Deadline, will be based specifically on the 2010 Benicio Del Toro version. I'm actually fond of that film for its goofy violence, but it's kind of a slog to get through.

Since this will be a show, I'm wondering if the narrative will move even slower. Given people's love for televised gore these days, it seems doubtful that they'll try to skimp on wolfman appearances, at least. Maybe by the time the show gets into its sixth season, the whole world will be wolfmen, save for a small handful of unlikable survivors holed up in a prison.