French Trailer For Christophe Gans’ French BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

So pretty! And so French!

Beauty and the Beast is a story that has been told many times. Of course there's the animated version everyone knows. Then there's the classic version from Jean Cocteau. There was even a televised version featuring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton (many episode of which were written by George R. R. Martin).

Now there's a Christophe Gans version, and it looks just as beautiful and lucious a Beauty and the Beast as should be expected from the guy who made Silent Hill and Brotherhood of the Wolf. I would count on less kung-fu, mutant nurses, and uncovered breasts, though.

This might be something that bothers a lot of people, but the thing I come away liking most in this trailer is the cute, CG animal pal. I don't know why, but that kind of nonsense mixed with all this high-drama, grandiose staging gives me hope that the film will have a lighter side.

The trailer is in English, but I can't understand a word of it. Apparently all the actors were eating peanut butter or glue or something.