FX Is Getting Another Louis CK Show

This one is about a gang of bikers.

Louis CK's show, Louie, is probably one of the more exciting shows on television right now, period. And I say that as a guy who watches at least three shows. It's honest, brutal, ribald, and really, really funny.

After working his ass off on the show for several years, Louis CK has been enjoying a self-imposed vacation from writing, directing, editing, and acting in his own sitcom. And now he's about ready to come back with both his flagship show and a whole different project.

Deadline reports that Louis CK had made a deal with FX to produce a new series. He's going to create and supervise it, but has an option to write, direct, and maybe even star in it as well should Clown Cloning College ever make good on its mission statement.

Louis CK is pretty much at the top of his game right now, so this is good news. Since he already has a show about rationalizing laziness and obesity in the modern world, I'm hoping this new show is all absurd insanity, another forte of his.