Thank God! There May Soon Be A Show About Jesus’ Lost Years As An Exorcist

From a trio of horror guys, no less.

Sometimes a story comes along that needs no embellishment. This is one of those stories.

The History Channel wants to recreate some of that Christian dough it won with its The Bible miniseries. (I believe that was the one that starred Barack Obama as Satan.) They may be doing it in a very unexpected way.

Deadline reports that the channel is looking at a project from Scott Kosar, Eli Roth, and Eric Newman called The Lost Years. The project will focus on all those crazy unknown activities Jesus got up to between ages 13 and 30, aka the best years of his life.

While no one knows if The Lost Years will be a miniseries or an ongoing thing, the show does seem to have a legit horror angle thanks to the belief that Jesus went around doing exorcisms in his younger days, long before he was multiplying fish, curing leprosy, and magically getting everyone wasted at normally lame BYOWater parties. So yes, this could very well be a Jesus vs. Demons kind of show.

Will the world let a show in which Jesus travels around doing exorcisms exist? I don't see why not. Will I watch the shit out of it? I don't see why not that, either. Will watching it cure my leprosy? I desperately fucking hope so.

(Thanks to Brian Collins for the heads-up.)