Warner Bros Might Finally Be Stepping Up To The DC Universe Plate

Could the studio be making two superhero movies a year under the direction of David Goyer?

Bleeding Cool reports that Warner Bros is finally going to give the fans what they want: multiple films based on DC Comics characters who aren't Batman or Superman. The site says the studio will produce two smaller budgeted DC movies a year - budgets ranging from $20 to $40 million - and release them in the spring and the fall, leaving the summer open for the really big guns. Like Batman and Superman.

This all seems like a pretty cool plan, and I like the mid-level aspect of it (those budgets will end up being higher, of course, but it's a nice starting point). I'm not super psyched about the fact that David Goyer is supposedly the godfather of the whole thing. But maybe as long as he's just shepherding, not actually writing, the movies they'll turn out okay.

Bleeding Cool has the initial IPs on the block to be Suicide Squad, a comic about villains who get a chance at freedom and pardon by taking on suicide missions, Booster Gold, about a guy from the future who steals a time machine to get rich and famous in the past, Deathstroke, about a mercenary and Team 7, a superhero team, although I couldn't quite tell you what makes them unique or what their angle is. I even looked at Wikipedia.