The DOM HEMINGWAY Red Band Trailer: Best Ping-Pong Game Ever

Jude Law curses a lot.

I feel like we've all been waiting forever for Jude Law to finally cut loose with something large and goofy and irresponsible like he does in Dom Hemingway. For whatever reason, James McAvoy getting crazy in the upcoming Filth is nowhere near as exciting as the idea of Jude Law getting crazy in this film.

Now Dom Hemingway's red band trailer is out, and we can get an idea of what this craziness looks like. Typical of red band trailers, it's possible we see too much. Then again, it's pretty much all sex and expletives. Much of the actual plot remains safe, especially the stuff involving Hemingway's estranged daughter.

Maybe Dom Hemingway ultimately won't be a great film, but the trailer's a blast. Jude Law yelling a lot is a blast. And bored, naked ladies playing ping-pong is a blast. So it has to be at least a little good, right?

U.K.ers have already had a chance to see the film. In America, it doesn't come out until April 4.