Universal Puts The Brakes On FAST 7

In the aftermath of Paul Walker's death the studio takes time to think.

Paul Walker would have been shooting Fast & Furious 7 today. It's a somber thought. 

In the aftermath of his death, Universal has officially halted the production. The movie will certainly not meet its July 2014 date. And now the real decision-making begins; early meetings indicated there was a will to move forward with what had been shot, but the production halt gives director James Wan and the Universal brass time to reconsider... and to attend the funeral of their friend. 

It turns out that if Universal does scrap the movie their insurers will take most of the fiscal heat, making a do-over a possibility, despite early reports that they wanted to go ahead with the film. It's a tricky situation for the studio, who has to balance money - the last film made over $700 million worldwide - with decorum and decency. I really would prefer they didn't start over, and that they figure out a way to make Brian a part of the story without hobbling everything else. For now everything is shut down, indefinitely. 

Whatever happens, I imagine Fast 7 now moves towards the crowded 2015 summer season - there's no way they would try a holiday release with this one, right?