You Don’t Need A Kindle To Read Film Crit Hulk’s Book

Worry not, non-Kindle users! There's a solution for you.

Today we launched Badass Digest Publishing with the long-awaited Screenwriting 101 from our very own Film Crit Hulk. It's an ebook, and it's for sale at Amazon right now. In fact, you can click here to buy it!  But wait!, you say. I don't have a Kindle! Well, that's a-ok.

You can read a Kindle book on your PC, Mac or smartphone using a free reading app. Click here to take a look at everything that Amazon offers. 

The book will be coming to more platforms in the days ahead, so worry not if you're an iBooks partisan or a Nook fan. In the meantime know that we are offering this book DRM free, which means you can buy it on Amazon, download it using their app and then use a program called Calibre to quickly and easily convert it into your format of choice, including PDF for printing. 

Click here for Calibre. 

Like I said, more formats are coming - the iBookstore takes a while - but as long as you have a computer device of some sort (and you're reading this, so I know you do), you can get yourself a copy of Hulk's book. 

By the way: this is the first book from Badass Digest Publishing. More are coming. Get excited.