Check Out This Exclusive Clip From MAN OF TAI CHI

Don't mess with Tiger Chen.

Maybe you missed Keanu Reeve's excellent Man of Tai Chi during its brief theatrical run. Well, you can soon right that wrong as the film hits Blu-ray December 10, just in time for Christmas. To help convince you of this film's martial arts bonafides, above is an exclusive clip of a super angry Tiger Chen knocking the hell from two unfortunate guys. I don't know their names, so their gravestones will have to go blank.

Man of Tai Chi really is a fun, solid entry in the recent B-action renaissance I've grown so fond of. Reeves keeps things simple, focusing more on getting the ass-kicking right than any kind of epic storytelling, as he should. And for the record, he delivers one of this best performances ever here. It's severely over the top and goofy, but that's just what a film like this needs. I loved every second he was onscreen. Especially the .gif-worthy second where he screams at the camera in frustration, and especially especially any second where his catchphrase, "You owe me a life" gets play. Here's my original review.