Disney Secures Possibility For Future Bad INDIANA JONES Movies

It begins.

Looks like Walt Disney and Paramount have decided to co-parent a beautiful baby franchise known as Indiana Jones. I'm not even sure how accurate that analogy is. Basically, the two companies came to an agreement regarding the future of these films: Disney gets to market and distribute the new ones while Paramount gets to keep distribution rights to the first four and even gets a little dough thrown their way for any new entries. So maybe it's more like a big family is splitting up. One mom gets the good kids and one brat. New mom keeps the family name and gets her tubes untied. There. I like that one better.

I keep referring to new Indiana Jones movies as if they're already happening or something (and as if there will be more than one). That's not the case. But it does seem to indicate a massively strong desire on Disney's part to keep Indiana Jones in theaters against all non-monetary logic. All the questions that follow remain unanswered, but I wouldn't doubt a follow up to this article announcing a new Indiana Jones movie scheduled for late July 2015.