JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer Gets Pretty High

Nerdy to the maxxx.

I always forget there's a new Wachowski Siblings joint coming out this summer. That might be because we've seen so little from it up until now (I sort of have the same problem with Interstellar). But those days are behind us. Behold: A trailer for the nerdiest looking film ever (until Interstellar).

There's no shortage of goofiness here. But I love it. Channing Tatum is going full hero. Mila Kunis is going full princess. And the Wachowskis are going full pulp. Things start out recognizable enough. Around the halfway point we're in total Space Opera mode, and it looks awesome.

But will people watch it? Does it cross a line as far as goofy, outlandish sci-fi goes? I'm not talking about big ideas and crazy visuals. People are far more shallow than that. I'm talking about Channing Tatum's hair.

Whether it does well or not doesn't really concern me. It got made, and it's coming out, so I'll get to see it either way. July 25 is the big day.