Listen To Some Guy Orgasm While Watching The GODZILLA Teaser

The internet's gross sexualization of excitement made real.

UPDATE: Warner Bros lamely pulled the YouTube embed, but there's still this version of the video.

I really hate when people talk about how trailers gave them boners or made them cum or they had to change their pants or other gross stuff like that. Falling into sexualized descriptions of excitement is not only disgusting, it's so boring and old. Find new ways to say you're excited, as I'm pretty sure you didn't cum in your pants.

Unless you're the guy who recorded the above pirated version of the Godzilla teaser. It hit the web last night before the official teaser went live, and it's a cam recording of a projected version of the teaser. The guy is panting like a perv from the start, but jump to 1:16 to hear some really disturbing noises. 

Next time you use sexual metaphors to explain how much you like/are excited for something, I'm going to assume you're the guy in this video. You know, the guy who makes you want to change your seat at the theater.