Sony Hoping To Make A Good BAD BOYS 3

Maybe they'll bring in a new Bad Boy played by Danny DeVito.

Man, I kind of hate the Bad Boys films. I know Bad Boys 2 provides a frequent poster boy for the kind of amoral action films I tend to champion, but I find it mostly abject. Not because of it's low opinion of a human life's value. That stuff is great. I just can't get over how much Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's characters appear to hate each other. It's just no fun to watch a buddy cop movie centered around constant animosity. And also the film's five hours long.

Still, it's a brand, and Sony wants to get more of that Bad Boys cash. Deadline reports that the studio is in early talks to get David Guggenheim to write the script for a third entry. You might know Guggenheim as the guy who wrote Safe House. If you remember Safe House at all, surely it must be the name of its screenwriter. Guggenheim also has a Safe House sequel in the works, as well as Narco Sub, to be directed by Doug Liman, and Puzzle Palace, to be directed by McG. He even did a recent draft of the upcoming Uncharted movie. So he's busy.

Jerry Bruckheimer will produce Bad Boys 3, but Michael Bay is not involved at this point in time. After Pain and Gain, where Bay made real lemonade from the lemons God gave him for a soul, it seems like the simple evils of Bad Boys would be a thematic step back for him. But you never know.