WORLD WAR Z Sequel Finds A Director At THE ORPHANAGE

But only after a thrilling, IMPOSSIBLE escape.

In keeping with our current insatiable love for mediocre zombie stuff, Brad Pitt's World War  Z made a ton of money this summer. So of course they are going to make a sequel, World War Ʊ.

Until now, this has seemed like some vague future threat, but now it's beginning to gain real traction as THR reports that The Orphanage and The Impossible director Juan Antonio Bayona will direct the film. But then again, THR also reports that the first film ended with Brad Pitt developing a cure, when he in fact created a mere camouflage. So what do they know? Juan Antonio Bayona would be an interesting choice, however, since he knows how to direct horror. That's assuming they want to change things up and make the sequel a horror film.

I'm actually looking forward to a sequel, as World War Z certainly wasn't the worst thing in the world, and a film where the world actually goes to war with these zombies still sounds appealing. What we got this summer was more like The World Hosts Brad Pitt Just Before Crumbling One Pitt-Visited County at a Time Z. Maybe they'll get around to the actual fighting this time. Bloodless, of course.