THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR Trailer: Prepare To Say Goodbye To The Weird-Faced Guy

DOCTOR WHO will now just be a series of event films.

I give Doctor Who a lot of grief here, but I really did enjoy a lot of the Matt Smith era. Most of Day of the Doctor went over my head, its gravitas in particular, but I still found it enjoyable. Even for me, it will be sad seeing this guy go.

For whatever reason, Doctor Who tends to have these gigantic Christmas specials. This year's special is especially big because it ushers in the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. We've already seen his forehead in the role and it was fantastic:

Whatever forces Matt Smith's doctor to "die" is sure to be epic. This trailer only confirms that. It has Daleks in it! They only break those guys out for the big stuff.

The Time of the Doctor will air December 25 on BBC Something.