Warm Up With This FREEZER Trailer

Ha! It's a trick! You won't be warm at all!

Yesterday I was told the temperature with wind chill was twenty degrees below zero. The heating in my house doesn't work very well and all our windows are frosted on the inside. Down in the foyer where we get our mail, basically everything made out of metal has a kind of white fur growing out of it.

So I'm especially bummed out to watch this trailer for Freezer, a movie about a guy who's freezing to death. It's cruel to watch someone suffer through such misery, even when it's Dylan McDermott. I don't mind as much when it's Peter Facinelli, though.

Granted, this probably won't be a very good movie. It honestly looks like an episode of television. But I'm perversely glad someone finally made a slow torture movie about freezing to death because I can't think of anything more terrible right now.

Freezer comes out theatrically and on home video January 21, just in time for me to realize how much longer this winter is going to last and shoot myself.