And she is a little badass.

Well, we're stuck with this whole new Terminator: Reboot thing. They might as well star good actors. We already know Jason Clarke is probably going to play John Connor. Now Deadline reports that Game of Thrones' head dragon-wrangler, Emilia Clarke, will play his mom. The role came down between Clarke and Brie Larson. Ultimately it was decided that, while Brie Larson was probably better for the part, Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke totally have the same last name. In related news, the newly rechristened Arnold Clarke is still expected to play a Terminator, which are made to look elderly in this altered timeline.

This will not only re-team Clarke with frequent Game of Thrones director Alan Tayor, but will offer many a chance to see how the actress does when not surrounded by swords and horses. Now she'll be surrounded by smoldering robots and sparking wires.

There's not much else to say, really. The Deadline article does hint that the film could include a time travel trip into the future, which I have to admit would be pretty interesting. Maybe Sarah Connor will come to face to face with her warrior son. Hopefully they have the appropriate sexual chemistry.