Watch The Cinefamily’s Insane 24 Hour Telethon Live Online!

LA's coolest movie theater is raising funds with 24 solid hours of madness. And you can watch from home. 

The Cinefamily has a secret weapon when it comes to programming cool stuff: it's a membership-based non-profit! That gives Hadrian Belove and his band of merry programmers and volunteers the ability to show weird, offbeat, non-commercial things all the time, and it makes the Cinefamily one of the greatest sources of cinematic discovery in my life. That's why I'm a card-carrying member.

But being a membership-based theater means the Cinefamily needs to drum up member support, and one of the ways they do it is with a crazy 24 hour telethon that features not just movies but also live acts, strange performances, in-depth Q&As with legends and honestly a lot of mayhem. Which befits the general atmosphere of the theater. 

Their latest telethon is happening today, and if you're someplace that isn't LA and you're stuck indoors on a cold day, this is how you should while away the hours. The show will feature Miranda July, Jena Malone, Father John MIsty, Earth doing a live score, Bruce Dern in conversation (with Hadrian, who will have been awake for like 36 hours by then, so it could get loopy), Nilbog (the only horror soundtrack rock cover band), Mike Judge, Paul Dooley, Tim and Eric, Jenny Slate and Maja D'Oust, the White Witch of Los Angeles offering a dawn ritual. Music, comedy, theater and more, and you can watch it all streaming live. 

Click here to watch the Cinefamily 24 hour telethon!

If you're in Los Angeles, come on down to the theater! It's a pretty shaggy production, and seating is first come/first served, with people coming and going all the time. 

And if you're a fan of cinema, a fan of places that keep interesting art and unusual communal experiences alive, please consider donating or becoming a member. They have some amazing packages for donors! Check it out at the livestream page.