Better Call Netflix If You Want To Talk To Saul

And don't have cable, I mean.

Many people out there watched Breaking Bad at home as it aired. Others watched Breaking Bad on a DVR recorder-thingy starting five minutes into its airing. Others (like me!) paid for a season pass on iTunes and had to navigate a spoiler-friendly Internet for 23 whole hours before basking in that new Breaking Bad glory. Others still simply downloaded it illegally. And then there are homeless people. I don't think they know about the show.

They probably don't know about the upcoming Better Call Saul, either. But we do. And now a new way to watch it has been added to our gross buffet of options. Sony and Netflix have had sex and the baby is a deal where all of Better Call Saul season one will jump onto Netflix Instant in its entirety immediately after the last episode airs.

So if you can just hold on for eight (or however many) weeks, you can get your awesome Bob Odenkirk fix all in one massive dose, which is apparently the way of the future: All Bob Odenkirk shows will be binge-able. We once put a man on the moon. Now we have this.