It’s Official: Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star In, Probably Direct SANDMAN

As we reported last month, JGL and David Goyer will make a SANDMAN movie.

You guys already know this because you're readers of the site: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to star in and probably direct an adaptation of Sandman, the Vertigo classic comic book. It's been made official by another site claiming exclusivity. 

I already told you all what I think of this when we broke the story in November. Click here to read it. 

An excerpt:

I think TV is still the best course for Sandman. I just don't get the property as a movie, as the best Sandman stories are rarely the ones that feature Morpheus in the lead. For those who don't know: Morpheus is a member of the Endless, a family of anthropomorphically realized concepts. He's the embodiment of Dreams, and his siblings are Death and Delirium and Desire and Destruction and Despair and Destiny. Morpheus lives in the Dreaming, where he creates dreams for sleepers. He's also a big, tall, mopey goth guy who keeps getting his heart broken. The first storyline of Gaiman's comic deals with Morpheus being captured by an Aleister Crowley-like magician and his quest to reclaim his throne after escaping; it's the most straight-ahead story in the whole Sandman narrative, and it's also the least interesting. That's what most people have tried to adapt in the past and, at least in the hands of Farmer, it turned the brooding Morpheus into more of an action hero.