This Mock Commercial Teaches Us Not To Eat Beans In Space

Most parents never get around to this very important lesson.

Look. Other than LaBoeufGate and the Sandman thing, it's been a very slow news evening. And if I laughed at a goddamn mock commercial, I figure there's at least a 25% chance that you will laugh at a goddamn mock commercial as well.

Written and directed by Eamonn Butler, this short was made by a visual effects studio called Cinesite as a sort of creature effect demo reel. It is not a real endorsement for Haynes Baked Beans. You can tell because 1) It's too cool to be a real commercial, 2) It basically tells people that beans are fatal if you eat them in outer space, and 3) Haynes Baked Beans does not exist.

But still, the fake commercial has astronauts, a cool looking monster, and a pretty good fart joke, so it's worth 43 seconds of your time. Perhaps the little laugh it offers will help us all get through a night riddled with shame and plagiarism.