Houston! Join Me For KISS KISS BANG BANG At The Alamo Tomorrow Night

Do not play detective. This is not a book. This is not a movie.

Tomorrow night Houston programming director and occasional BAD correspondent Robert Saucedo and I are hosting one of the greatest Christmas movies ever as part of our Badass 101 series: Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! I'm pretty much losing my mind in anticipation because, like most of America, I came to love this film too late to contribute to its box office. That's right - I've never seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on the big screen, and now I get to do exactly that. I am, in a word, stoked.

As an added bonus that will make perfect sense to anyone who has seen the film, the screening's a partnership with Hard Case Crime, and we'll have a bunch of their gritty little paperbacks to give away for free! I cannot promise there will be a Johnny Gossamer title, but maybe Captain fucking Magic can make it happen. 

So meet us at Houston's Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park theater, which is a really lovely venue if you've never been. Come say hi if you make it out, and don't quit your gay job.

Get your tickets here!