The DIVERGENT Sequels Need A New Director

Ask your kid what DIVERGENT is, then meet up back here.

With the coming of March arrives a movie called Divergent. It is based on a young adult series and stars Shailene Woodley as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet as Jodie Foster. I've seen the trailer about a hundred times now, so I think I can handle paraphrasing the plot: Every person is born with one personality trait. If Jodie Foster finds out you have more than one personality trait, you are totally fucked and must become a rebel.

Divergent is a trilogy, however, so we don't just have the one film to anticipate. There will be Divergent films coming out both in 2015 and 2016. Part one is being directed by Neil Hamburger. But according to Variety, parts two and three will have to be directed by someone else.

Per a statement from the studio, scheduling issues will keep Burger from continuing with the series. Summit does not yet have a replacement director, but they'd better get one soon as the second film, titled Insurgent, will have to start filming before long to make its March 2015 release date. That speed is actually part of the problem: 

Neil Burger is a rock star and he is doing a fantastic job on Divergent. We can’t wait for you to see the film. But as amazing as Neil is he still cannot be in two places at once and thus needs to finish post production on Divergent while we gear up to start production on Insurgent. So, although Neil will continue on as part of our Divergent family as an executive producer, we sadly have to find another director for the next chapter in Veronica Roth’s fantastic series.

Opinions as to whether or not this will affect the series in a negative or positive way diverge.