ARGO’s Chris Terrio Brought In To Salvage BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Script

That's actually a really trollish headline. I own that. 

Positive news? The Hollywood Reporter is reportering that Chris Terrio, who won an Oscar for his Argo script, has been brought in to do a draft of the Batman vs Superman script. The film shoots in a couple of weeks, so it's unclear how major the work Terrio is doing will be; Hollywood Reporter says he's getting the script 'in shape,' but was the script just sort of flabby before or was it totally fucking Kevin Smith, walking around in tentlike hockey jerseys as if that would hide his obesity in any way?

Clearly this is Ben Affleck's influence, and I applaud him for it. Don't get too excited that this means Goyer is losing control - he's just crazy busy ruining Sandman and stuff, but he'll surely be involved whenever Terrio's draft is done. Still, I found Argo to be well-written and clever, and hopefully Terrio can bring some of that flavor to the film.

I rewatched Man of Steel last night, and if that movie had another writer on it perhaps it could have worked out. Mayb Terrio is saving Batman vs Superman; this is the first time I've been hopeful about this film, even if bringing in a new writer this late shouldn't inspire that much confidence.