NEIGHBORS Trailer Is My Worst Nightmares Come True

This trailer is giving me anxiety.

You'd think a guy who grew up in New York City apartments could handle some noise from the neighbors. Well, a weird thing happened when I moved to Los Angeles: I began living in places where the walls are as thin as tissue and where the weather is always so nice that everybody always has their windows open and hangs out outside all the time. Which means I've found myself in a weirdly noisy world. I had this big fight with my upstairs neighbor a couple of years back because he was fucking drumming above my head; those people were forced to move. I'm worried my newest neighbors might move; they can be a little noisy sometimes, but better the devil you know. Better them than... a frat. 

That's the premise of Neighbors, which is not a remake of the John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd film. Rather it's a movie where Seth Rogen and wife Rose Byrne (ah, it's high fantasy) have a new baby and new neighbors, who happen to be a frat led by Zac Efron. The trailer is really funny, but it also gave me actual anxiety. This is my nightmare scenario. I just want it to be a little bit quiet.