The Punishment For Drunk Driving Is: ROBOCOP

Dead or alive, you're taking a breathalyzer.

I am slowly becoming fascinated with the new RoboCop. The look, that guy's voice, that guy's mechanical voice when he has his visor down, it all seems so hopelessly bad that maybe something interesting might poke through.

This PSA against drunk driving, for instance, is mildly interesting and it certainly poked into my day. I guess the idea is that drunk driving is bad, and RoboCop will probably be bad, so put them together and find out if two wrongs really can't make a right. We'll just have to wait and see if drunk driving drops significantly after the release of this ad.

RoboCop is certainly no stranger to commercials. His movies are chock full of them. Plus he's started in a couple himself. Particularly this one:

In all honesty, however, this is actually the best RoboCop ad I've seen yet. Like I said before, I'm starting to come around to the goofiness of all this.