Check Out Awesome Japanese Godzilla Website

Enjoy the glorious death of your next five minutes.

I have yet to consult any scientists on the matter, but I do believe today is the day before the day before Christmas, and mouth-watering movie news stories may be in short supply. With that in mind, a really cool website has come to my attention that I think you may want to see. It certainly beats an article about the Million Dollar Arm trailer.

Go to (please forgive the somewhat racist license plate language in the top level domain) and you will find a fun Godzilla mini-game which allows you to crush a city before returning to the ocean. The controls are simple: Right arrow key moves you forward. Actually, there are some other controls, but they're secret so you'll have to hunt your keyboard finding them. (SPOILER: You might evoke brief cameos from other Kaiju. But not cool ones like Anguirus or King Caesar.)

The website honors Godzilla's upcoming 60th birthday and promises something coming soon in 2014. Whether that just refers to the big new movie or something more homegrown remains to be seen. Maybe the cool mini-game will get some new levels and Kaiju to mess around with. Or maybe Japan will finally admit that Godzilla was real all along.

(Thanks to for the heads up.)