Inside Devin Faraci

Your Badass-in-Chief opens up to the weird guys who review movie reviews. 

Existimatum is a weird site. Their whole schtick is that they review movie reviews; when they first set up shop a lot of film critics found their feathers ruffled, but that only served to continue the view that critics can't take criticism. I think reviewing reviews is a strange thing at best, and I have to admit I'm disappointed with where Existimatum has gone in recent weeks - their reviews of Hobbit reviews seem to be attacking opinions, not writing, and reviewing an opinion is kind of dumb and pointless - but I'm just narcissistic enough to enjoy any attention whatsoever. They call me the 'reluctant bad boy of film criticism,' so narcissism fulfilled!

So when the guys at Existimatum emailed me about doing an interview I said sure. I was particularly interested in seeing what they wanted to ask, and I felt bad that I couldn't answer a lot of the questions well. This will sound like BS, but I don't remember much of what I write (I have read old stuff of mine and been absolutely shocked that I put those words together in that way. Sometimes positively shocked, sometimes horrified), and I don't have a particularly great recall for much of the work I do. If they had asked me for more gossip I could have been more forthcoming!

Here's the most important thing I have to say in that interview:

EX: What advice do you have for aspiring film critics?

DF: Don't become a film critic. There's no money in it. There's maybe even less prestige. Anybody with a Blogger account is a film critic now. Go become a video game critic - thats' the medium of the future. A smart game critic can become the Andrew Sarris of video games. That job's already taken in film criticism.

If you're interested in reading the rest, you can do so here.