The Trailer For KUNG FURY, A Film That Doesn’t All The Way Exist Yet

But it could!

Low budget greenscreen films that focus almost exclusively on warped version of '80s nostalgia are becoming more and more common. They can be fun, but without ample imagination and smart execution, they can also feel a bit tedious.

Kung Fury looks like it might have both imagination and execution in the bag. This trailer only hints at what could be, however. Kung Fury is not yet a finished film and needs funding via Kickstarter. Director David Sandberg, who quit his job and put all his money into the film already, is asking for $200,000 to get this completed. As of now, he's more than halfway there.

While silly nods to Nintendo Power Gloves and DeLoreans don't do much for me, I am a big fan of giant-sized Norse Gods running around all over the place, so this pleases me very much. Kung Fury could be pretty great if Sandberg gets the funds needed to complete the film. But if nothing else, we get the punny title for free.