Badass Podcast #7: The Most Mind-Blowing Sideboob of 2013

Film Crit Hulk joins Devin and Evan to talk WOLF OF WALL STREET and more!

It's the last episode of the year, and this time we're joined by none other than Film Crit Hulk. He's turned Banner-sized in order to come on the show and discuss The Wolf Of Wall Street and the negative reaction some folks have had to it. Along the way Evan reveals that he's not as totally wild about the movie as we are, and he takes a stand for those who had moral problems with it. 

But the fighting doesn't end there! Hulk and I have a knock-out battle about how to talk about screenwriters when we can't know all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that truly impact scripts. We also answer listener questions, and at the end we have "Rate Me," a song sent in to us by James Hayes, intended to help you remember to rate us and subscribe to us on iTunes.