This Trailer For THE HAVE AND THE HAVE NOTS Season Two Is Pretty Nuts

This show is beginning to look too awful to ignore.

One of these days, I'm going to dive into Tyler Perry's television empire. The little I've seen thus far has been too bad even for me to handle, but I have a feeling his shows for OWN might be another story. For Better or Worse is of particular interest just because it stars two characters from the Why Did I Get Married? films, not that it likely matters. I doubt much of the continuity and characterization I'd look forward to exists, especially after 70(!) episodes.

My inability to watch Love Thy Neighbor or The Have and the Have Nots through legal means kind of kept both those shows off my radar. But then Tyler Perry posts this trailer for The Have and the Have Nots season two on his Facebook page, and suddenly I need to know how crazy this stupid show gets.

I suppose this is just the nature of soap operas, but everything here is cranked up to such a silly degree. And it looks so mean, which is usually when Perry is at his worst-best. But the number one thing I love about this trailer, something that really has no bearing on the show itself, is how embarrassed Tyler Perry looks while doing this "Tick tock" introduction thing. That's a first. And as a funny sidenote: I spent forever trying to figure out where I'd seen the brunette matricarch lady before, but then I realized I had her mixed up with one of the judges from Chopped.

If you've seen the show (or Love Thy Neighbor, for that matter), please speak up. I'd love to hear more about it.