It’s AnchorFAN, and that’s a scientific fact!

Here's your chance to WIN a free pass for ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES that will let you see the film over and over and over again at any Alamo Drafthouse location through the month of January!

All of us here with Team Badass really dug ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES. As soon as I walked out of the theater I started thinking about how much fun it would be to write a Quote-Along show for that one so we could do a double feature of interactive awesomeness through The Action Pack, and I was eager to find a shark I could raise as my own, too.

It's also one of those movies that I know for a fact I will watch over and over and over again, and like most movies, it's obviously enhanced by watching it in a theater. So to blend those two goals together, the Alamo Drafthouse and Paramount partnered together to create a new kind of ticket - the AnchorFan pass - that will allow guests to see ANCHORMAN 2 in Alamo theaters AS MUCH AS THEY WANT TO throughout the month of January!

If you live in one of these Alamo Drafthouse cities you can purchase an AnchorFan ticket for just $15 and go over and over and over again all month long:

Austin, Texas
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Houston, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Winchester, VA
Kansas City, Missouri
Denver, Colorado
Ashburn, VA
Yonkers, New York
New Braunfels, Texas

But if you live near one of those theaters and would rather WIN an AnchorFan pass for absolutely free - you're in luck, because you're a Badass Digest reader. Paramount also partnered with us, and they're giving us 25 AnchorFan passes that we can give away to all of you good people.

To enter into the drawing for these passes, just send an email to our awesome managing editor at [email protected] with the subject line AnchorFan Give Away and tell her what your favorite quote from either ANCHORMAN movie is, as well as the city you live in and your Alamo of choice.

She'll collect all the entries and email winners back Saturday afternoon, then we'll alert the theaters and have your passes ready for you! Neato gang!