The VERONICA MARS Trailer Is Live

Meredith is excited but she needs some other opinions.

Guys, I need you to weigh in. I see this trailer for the Veronica Mars movie, in theaters March 14, and I feel nothing but excitement. To me, it looks like a real movie, and a good one, a thrilling mystery peopled by snarky, good-looking folks forced to attend their high school reunion (its own kind of particular hell), a noir plot offering a solid "just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in," one-last-job kind of fun.

But I'm also aware that when I watch this trailer, the part of my brain that has seen Veronica Mars the television show about a dozen times is filling in all sorts of history and nuance and context to help me recognize this as a rich and interesting world. If you're not already a part of this world, does it hold up? Does it feel like a real movie? Are you going to see it?

I do have one possible criticism to level, even as a fan: it already feels like they're devoting too much time to the love triangle, when I'd rather any Veronica story be 95% Veronica Being A Badass, with the other nickel allowed to focus on love and stuff. Hopefully this is just marketing trickery, because I find it hard to believe that any new visitors to Neptune, California are going to care very much whether a 28-year-old lawyer dumps her college boyfriend for her high school boyfriend.

What I'm hoping for out of this film is a great mystery solved by a brilliant, badass woman. I think we'll get that, because that's what Veronica Mars has always been. But I would like you newbies to speak up in the comments and let me know if you get a sense of that dynamic in this trailer, or if it just feels like gibberish from a CW show you've never seen.