Badass Exclusive: Hear Two Tracks Off Hidden Speaker’s WET RECLUSE

And get a BAD-only discount for the new album from our pal Evan Dickson!

BAD pal Evan Dickson, a writer for Bloody Disgusting (and occasionally here!), also leads an alt-rock project called Hidden Speaker, and he has a new album out called Wet Recluse, on sale later today on iTunes and right now on Bandcamp! Evan's giving us a sneak of two songs for BAD readers to download or stream for free so you can get a taste of the album.

Listen to "Beach Season" here.

Listen to "Super Moon" here.

Here's an exclusive quote from Evan on the album:

A while back, before I chose writing as more of a career path, music was my main thing. I had a band back in the day called Hidden Speaker and we put out a couple of records called "The Brittle Stars" and "The May Collection" (which have now been compiled into one release called "The Motherfucking Glitterati Collection").

Last year I got the itch to start making music again, so I decided to take all of the procrastination time I normally build into my schedule when I'm writing pieces or scripts or whatever and actually do something instead of nothing. I don't have a band out here in LA so I started just recording stuff on my own in my closet/office with my laptop and a microphone. Back in the original incarnation of the band I put a lot of pressure on myself to be somewhat commercially successful, so not having to consider that at all this time around was a lot of fun. I could be as weird as I wanted and I started to remember how much fun this shit could be. In December 2013, when I knew work would be a bit slower, I cashed in some airline miles and flew to Austin to finish the record with my former bandmates Josh, Toto and Yvonne (who now make up 3/4ths of The Octopus Project - a far better band than mine). We recorded a few new songs there from scratch, added some of their flavor to the existing material, and mixed it down. The record was then mastered by Erik Wofford (Voxtrot, Explosions In The Sky, The Octopus Project) at Cacophony Recorders in Austin. In total I think it cost less than $1,000 to make.

The record is pretty out there and I know it's not for everyone, but I obviously hope some people like it. It starts off sort of ugly and aggressive and then kind of turns into something else at the halfway point.  It certainly ends in a very different place than it began. When people hit their 30s and have other stuff going on, there's often a certain predilection to make "dad rock." I'm not a dad yet, so hopefully I didn't do that.

Evan created the album cover (above) with his wife's mascara and nail polish, by the way.

Like what you heard? If you buy the album in the next couple of hours, BAD readers can get a 50% discount until 6pm CST today. Just type the word "badass" into the discount code field at Bandcamp!