This Trailer For Donnie Yen’s THE MONKEY KING Is Totally Ludicrous

Attack lice! The Monkey King has attack lice! Just like me!

There have been some teasers and trailers for Donnie Yen's upcoming The Monkey King, but none have really been as gung-ho crazy as this. It's hard to imagine a goofier, more gleefully silly collection of moving images. I mean, there's a part where he shakes off some fleas or lice or whatever, and they all turn into flying attack dogs, or rats, or whatever.

So much busy CG nonsense. But because it's in service to a kung-fu epic starring a massively dressed-up Donnie Yen and a serene, dragon-petting Chow Yun Fat, I'm all for it. If you're not all for it, I understand. Or I'll at least pretend to understand.

Hopefully we can all see The Monkey King in some non-butchered form soon. In the meantime, there's always Journey to the West. Someday they're going to make an amazing double feature.