Here Comes A PAUL BLART: MALL COP Sequel To Make Grandparents Happy

Who is Kevin James but a reflection of us all?

I never saw the first Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie. But what if it's one of those movies you watch on accident or see on an airplane and ends up being not so bad? As far as I can remember, the only Kevin James movie I've seen is Grown Ups 1, and while that film seemed mostly like an act of vile sarcasm, Kevin James seemed watchable enough. He's just a chubby nice guy, right?

Surely some of you have an opinion on Paul Blart. You will be either happy or irritated to know there's going to be a sequel. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Andy Fickman is in talks to direct. Kevin James is of course back in the acting/having-a-mustache chair. He will also sit in the co-writing chair alongside other original co-writer Nick Bakay. The whole thing will be made from a sitting position, save for Segway rides.

The film should begin shooting in April. We will have our ears to the ground trying to uncover what wild and wacky adventures befall Paul Blart during this next chapter in his ongoing saga. Perhaps he will start a softball team to raise money to keep his mall open in the current economy. Or maybe he will become an egotistical, delusional weapon of vigilantism who desperately tries to impress Anna Faris. We just won't know until the film comes out and our in-laws tell us what happened.