The Original GONE GIRL Ending Is Gone, Man

Suspense for all! Even book lovers!

The other day, possibly even yesterday, I put up a story about Gone Girl's EW cover, which featured a shoeless Ben Affleck cuddling with a severely dead Rosamund Pike. When we know something others don't know, it's always nice to let others know that they don't know something that we know; therefore, the article lead to some knowing talk in the comments about how the cover doesn't spoil the book as much as non-readers might expect.

But now it comes out that the book's author and screenwriter, Gillian Flynn, has reworked the original story to such an extent that it now pretty much has an entirely different third act. I'm not saying this information turns yesterday's photo in to a spoiler, though. See, in the original book, the dead Rosamund Pike wakes up as a zombie and bites Ben Affleck's face off. This time, they hug and live happily ever after.

Other than the Tyler Perry connection and the fact that I usually really like David Fincher films, I don't have much anticipation for Gone Girl all by itself. But I really love the idea of authors adapting their own work and changing things like crazy. Fans of the book are likely to get angry about the happier ending even though it kind of gives them an alternate version of the story to enjoy. And besides, anger is an emotion pop culture consumers have little experience with. They can deal with it this once.