TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN “The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks”

The white witch is here! The white witch is here!

Haven't you heard? I have no soul. I'll just kill 'em all.

She's innocent! ...mostly. She killed the neighbor but the bitch had it coming.

I simply could not decide between the two best quotes of the episode - both, of course, delivered with seething brilliance by Jessica Lange. Welcome back, American Horror Story: Coven! The show returns after its winter hiatus with a couple of new faces in tow, each equally welcome: Stevie Nicks guest-stars as the white witch (herself, plus magic), and Lance Reddick is completely bitchin' as Papa Legba, otherwise known as Voodoo Satan. While Stevie's magical delights are surely fleeting - and I don't know if Misty's little heart could take it if she stayed for good - I hope Lance Reddick sticks around, and not least because a Papa/Nan demonic spinoff seems like it's probably the best idea I've ever had. (Please let Jamie Brewer remain for the rest of the season. This was her strongest episode ever, and I find Nan deeply compelling.)

Is anyone surprised to discover that Fiona has no goods to interest the soul-hungry Papa? She'll cut a witch soon as look at her, so I'm happy to see that she's gone Full Evil at this point. I always find Full Evil infinitely preferable to Waffling Evil. I am loving her alliance with Marie, as any scene with both of these women gives us some of the most electrifying chemistry and undeniable talent this show has to offer.

This was a terrific ep of Coven, a rare episode in which every part is as strong as the sum, and the disparate threads feel cohesive. The only character currently boring me is Cordelia, but Myrtle's blasé theremin recital leads me to believe that we're meant to be bored with Cordelia. I have a feeling something rather wicked will come of it. (By the pricking of my thumbs...)

Last thoughts:

It feels awfully late in the season to introduce not one but two new big bads, with Papa along with Renard, Senior - but it's ever been AHS' MO to throw a bunch of new developments into the mix only a few episodes before the finale.

Will Madison's assassination attempt be the thing that will snap Misty out of her naiveté? I hope not. I quite enjoy her naiveté.

It seems like folly for the coven to trust Marie Laveau, but it's folly that I can respect, because she's wildly convincing and I'd certainly want her as my ally.