Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Get His Jimmy Cagney On In This WOLF OF WALL STREET Clip

It's chock full of F bombs, so don't whine at me when you get fired for listening to it at the daycare center or whatever sensitive place you work at.

I love this scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street, although I wish the clip embedded above was the whole sequence - it starts sort of in the middle. There's a lot I love here, including Margot Robbie's awesome accent (she's Australian! I'm really hoping for a Supporting Actress nomination), but what really sends me is the moment when Leo just starts channeling James Cagney right in the middle of the fight. 

By the way, this picture started circulating last night, and I love it. If you know who took the original photo let me know in the comments so I can credit them. I found it on the FilmStage Tumblr.