Badass Podcast #8: How Obummer Bungled Benghazi

The new episode features talk about The Golden Globes, HER, STAR WARS and Quentin Tarantino's scripts! Plus: why there were two songs in the feed this week.

We're back! The latest episode of the Badass Padcast Podcast is the one you've been waiting for, if you've been waiting for one. This week Evan and I delve into the winners and losers at the Golden Globes, Evan reviews The Legend of Hercules, we talk about Her (and find out what pre-pubescent film critic Lights Camera Jackson thought of it!), nobody has any faith in the new Star Wars and we get excited for the latest Tarantino news based on the movie title alone.

Also I explain why the heck two songs ended up in the podcast feed this week - basically because I'm dumb. 

I'm off to Sundance this week, so the next podcast won't be until next Sunday night, but since this shit has never come out regularly you won't even notice the gap. In the meantime, leave questions for the next episode in the comments and please be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and rate us there. Positively, I hope!