Franco Nero Returns To DJANGO!

And he's bringing our good pal Kid Blue with him. 

It's finally happening! After a lot of talk and hope it's gotten official: Franco Nero will be reprising his iconic role of Django in a licensed sequel called Django Lives. There are over 30 films that use the name Django (including Tarantino's classic Django Unchained), but there's only one truly official sequel, 1987's Django Strikes Again. This will mark the third official, canon Django film.

Django Lives is being directed by Joe D'Augustine, who has been co-editor on four Quentin Tarantino movies. The script, by Eric Zaldivar and Mike Malloy, brings gunslinger Django to 1915 where he's a consultant on Western movies (could Dusty Bottoms show up?). I'm certain something goes wrong that requires our man to take out his guns and kill many, many scumbags.

Nero is the big star, but we're pretty excited that Noah Segan - yes, Badass Digest's own Noah Segan, who gives you weekly lifestyle advice - will be in the film, alongside the great Mark Boone Junior (lately of Sons of Anarchy). That's the right kind of cool guy casting I want to see in a Django film. What I don't want to see in a Django film is a retread of Unforgiven, and it looks like this won't be that.

"Over the decades there have been scores of quasi-related Django spin-offs, but Franco Nero has only reprised the iconic gunslinger a single time," said co-writer/co-producer Mike Malloy. "So it was an occasion worth creating a special story for. And with Django Lives' subplot that concerns a newfound, unexpected nationwide celebrity for Django, the screenplay really examines fame, violence in fiction and authenticity in storytelling - and not just the standard themes of aging and fatalism that you usually have with an older tough-guy film."

This project has been brewing for a while, but getting the official rights is certainly a big step. Hopefully it's the step that makes Django Lives get in front of cameras soon.